01 April 2021

In contrast to the unsettling pandemic figures seen around the world, the tropical island paradise of Mauritius has managed to keep a firm grasp on the spread through an initial lockdown and thorough contact tracing, followed by a stringent two-week quarantine imposed on any visitors to the island. Residents willing to accept the terms of entry are free to carry on with their daily lives with minimal fear of contracting the virus.

“As an island that had relied heavily on the tourism industry, the restrictions have had a massive impact on many industries reliant on the constant flow of visitors. In contrast, however, the appeal of this free lifestyle has attracted property investors in droves in the past year,” says Judi Areington of RE/MAX 24 that operates in Mauritius.

Global property leaders, RE/MAX LLC awarded the license for the island to RE/MAX 24 Mauritius just over three years ago. According to Areington, with restrictions having been relaxed to a required minimum investment from USD 500 000 to MUR 375 000 to obtain permanent residency almost a year ago, sales have kept the dynamic team exceedingly busy with enquiries and sales from across the world. 

“Over and above the buyers looking for permanent residency, there is a massive increase in retirees heading for the 5-star island. An initial investment of USD 1 500, followed by annual transfers of USD 18 000 secures a 10-year renewable permit for over 50's. This has improved the rental market, as well as the entry-level property purchases from MUR 6 000 000,” she explains.

For those who can work remotely, a Premium Travel Visa was recently launched, aimed at non-citizens who intend to stay in Mauritius for a maximum period of one year as a tourist, retiree or a professional.

With opportunities for those looking for a beautiful and balanced lifestyle having opened up further, RE/MAX 24 Mauritius developed an App that can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play Stores. It provides a wealth of information covering everything from the obvious property portal to permits, children's education, bringing your pets, and travel to the island. The relocation team will assist you with any aspect of the process.

Those exploring emigrating should chat to a local real estate professional with global connections. This way, buyers can receive both local and global advice all from within the same brand. 

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