01 April 2021

There’s no denying that the era of smart homes is upon us. Although home security has become synonymous with smart technology in most first world countries, this may not be the case for developing countries such as SA. We may be progressing towards smart homes, but South Africa still has a long way to go before smart security systems become the norm. Below are a few pros and cons you should consider before investing in smart security systems:

Con: The high cost of data in SA
Security systems that allow you to lock and control all security features through a mobile app are incredibly convenient. However, considering the high costs of data and fibre in SA, smart security systems will only really be an investment if you’re able to maintain a stable internet connection or fast fibre line. Your security system wouldn’t be able to function at full capacity with a weak connection.

Con: SA’s unpredictable power supply
The reliability of our national electricity provider, Eskom, is another obstacle if you want to adopt smart security features. Although most smart security features have back-up batteries and power systems, the fear of being locked out of your home during load shedding is not entirely unwarranted. So, until we have more certainty around our power supply, it may be wise to hold back on investing too much money in a smart security system, unless you also invest in back-up generators or solar energy solutions.

Con: The current crime rate in SA
Unfortunately, the prevalence of petty crime in South Africa hinders the popularity of smart security features. Because of their high resale value, outdoor security cameras and sensors are often stolen. So, if you do decide to invest in these features, you should aim to install them in hard-to-reach places. You could even install a cage over them so that they’re not easy to remove and steal.

Pro: Smart security increases property value
Home security is paramount in SA and having an inadequate security system is sure to dimmish your property value. Although smart security systems haven’t gained widespread use within the local housing market, installing smart security systems can still have a positive impact on the resale value of your home. Depending on what is popular among buyers within your current suburb, smart security features can increase the appeal of the home which could lead to a higher asking price. For example, smart security features are in demand within suburbs that attract foreign buyers and residents.

Pro: Smart security is a worthy long-term investment
South African home buyers, particularly, millennials are all for smart home technology. If you do go ahead with installing smart security features, see this as preparation for a new generation of buyers. If the first world countries are anything to go by, then smart security systems will soon become the norm. Homeowners who are unsure of whether smart security features will increase the value of their own home should contact a local real estate expert who can guide them in this regard.

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